"Nannygate," triggered by Attorney General candidate Zoe Baird's Senate confirmation hearings, exposed the widespread, yet overlooked, practice of paying domestic help off the books.

Now the IRS and other agencies are looking at compliance, and nervous taxpayers who haven't been filing taxes for nannies, baby-sitters, housekeepers and other employees are looking for help.

NannyTax relieves the taxpayer of the burden of numerous tax regulations and the more than 25 potential government filings that occur each year. With NannyTax you write the checks, we do the paperwork.

NannyTax LLC provides complete tax compliance services, from assistance in obtaining federal identification numbers and Social Security numbers to quarterly and annual filings. Taxpayers just provide a simplified employee payroll record to our office each quarter. All work can even be done on the phone!

NannyTax is an affordable and convenient service that can help you avoid serious tax and legal trouble in the future.